SchoolScholar 2D/3D Multimedia Animation Software based on School syllabus:  

Till date, Knowledge Ware India has released a range of Educational software titles covering subjects such as : Science, Mathematics and English Grammar under the brand name of SchoolScholar.

The multimedia software is completely animated using 2D / 3D animation.  

The software are available from Nursery to Standard 10 for both, English as well as vernacular Gujarati medium.

The software are available on various format :

     Premium Animation - Hard Disk Based Installation
     Economy Animation - Educational Video CD

   SchooScholar Educational VCD:  
  Knowledge Ware India has also introduced educational software on the very popular Video CD format. These Educational VCDs cover subjects such as Science, Mathematics and English Grammar for standard 1 to 10. The Educational VCD are available for English as well as Gujarati medium.  
   SchooScholar Online Examination Software:  
  This software can randomly generate an online objective type question paper. The question session can be generated based on total marks, total minutes or total number of questions. It takes care of all the features required for simulating an examination environment. It also generates a detailed result sheet at the end of the session.  

   SchoolScholar Question Paper Generation software:  
  This is used by educational institutes to generate question papers for any standard or subject. The institute can decide their own paper format. It is compatible with any vernacular language.  
   Visual Dictionary:  
  The software is used to provide interactive learning to hearing impaired children. It consists of an exhaustive database of words (over 900) encountered in daily life. It can be customised to support any vernacular language - like Gujarati.  
   Learn English - CBT:  
  KWI has developed a Multimedia CD-ROM that teaches English as a second language to Gujarati medium students. It consists of 37 situational conversation, which have been fully animated. Besides this there are over 1000 words for increasing the vocabulary and over 100 idioms and phrases.