Visual Dictionary Software for Hearing Impaired Children


Features :
The software provides interactive learning
Exhaustive database of words (over 1000) encountered in daily life
Group-wise sorting of words to make learning more focused
Powerful navigation to access any word from a particular category
Any vernacular language (like Gujarati) supported
Individual student login facility for customised evaluation
A result sheet log facility is the high light of the software, allowing the teacher to monitor the progress of each student
Lesson :
In this part the student is taught to recognise / learn the letters, words or sentences he comes across in his daily life.
The inputs for learning are in 4 different formats. Each format can be activated simultaneously or activated individually; hence giving the teacher or the student facility to develop any one of the particular sensory faculties.
Image : A picture of the word is shown. Care is taken to depict the image so as to convey the exact meaning of the word
Sign language : This feature incorporates video movies of sign language that helps the hearing disabled to understand the displayed image in his language. The sign language movies are not yet included.
Sound : Audio support is given so that each word is also spoken aloud for the student. A repeat feature helps the student to listen to the word as many times as necessary. Great emphasis is placed on the volume and pronunciation of each word.
Word as Text : Each word is also written so as to help the student to learn how to read a word
  Lesson contains 3 parts :  
Letters :

This part is for letter learning and recognition for any language. The present data contains the letters of the Gujarati language. Each letter is also animated so as to teach the student how to write the particular letter

Words :

This part is for word learning and recognition for any language. The present data contains over 1000 words in Gujarati language. The different categories of words are - Flowers, Vegetables, Colours, Parts of the body, Animals and so on...
Sentences :

This part is for sentence learning and recognition for any language. Sentences can be provided in different category.
  Exercise :  
A result sheet log facility is the high light of the software, allowing the teacher to know the progress of each student.
Evaluation can be done for letters, words or sentences.
The teacher has the facility to turn on or off individual inputs - i.e. Image, Sign language, Audio or Word as text at the time of testing the student.
  Feedback of the input is possible in 2 formats :  
Multiple choice format :

Here the student is supposed to respond to the input and choose an answer from 3 choice offered to him. The choice are in form of words whose order is randomised everytime

Sound recording format :

Depending in the input the student can record his answer in audio format. A PC microphone is required for the audio record facility.

  Evaluation :  
The feedback from each student is stored in a record sheet log for the teachers to evaluate at their convenience. The student record can be accessed from the Standard, Division and Roll Number of the student. The teacher can hence evaluate the student and monitor the progress.