Computer Based Training for Teaching English Language


Knowledge Ware India has developed a Multimedia CD-ROM that teaches English as a second language to Gujarati medium students. CD ROM consists of 37 situational conversation, which have been fully animated. Besides this there are over 1000 words for increasing the vocabulary and over 100 idioms and phrases.
Image : A picture of the word is shown. Care is taken to depict the image so as to convey the exact meaning of the word
Sign language : This feature incorporates video movies of sign language that helps the hearing disabled to understand the displayed image in his language. The sign language movies are not yet included.
Sound : Audio support is given so that each word is also spoken aloud for the student. A repeat feature helps the student to listen to the word as many times as necessary. Great emphasis is placed on the volume and pronunciation of each word.
Word as Text : Each word is also written so as to help the student to learn how to read a word
  Features :  
Conversations : Contains around 37 situations. English conversation for situations such as introducing a friend, At the Airport, At the farm etc. are taught wit the help of animation and audio. The same conversations can be followed by text and audio.
Treasured Lines : Great sayings of great people are taken
Know and Learn : This contains grammar part related to the conversation topic.
New Words : Meaning of each difficult words is given along with the pronunciation in English. The Gujarati transliteration for each word is also given.
Additional Information : Extra and essential information is supplied so as to give instant knowledge about the topic being discussed.
Try it : This is an interactive quiz, based on the English which has been taught step by step.