SchoolScholar 2D/3D Multimedia Educational Software based on School Syllabus  
Knowledge Ware India (KWI) - is a company established since 1994, dedicated to identifying, developing and marketing Educational Multimedia Animation software that address the academic needs of teachers and students. It is the pioneer in introducing Computer Aided Learning (CAL) software under the brand name of SchoolScholar for Digital Classrooms in India.

SchoolScholar Multimedia Animation Movies are completely animated using the 2D/3D technology and are accompanied with appropriate voice over.

Here are a few sample Animation Movies as links.

  How Does an Electric Bell Work ?
  What Happens when we Breathe ?
  What are Atoms, Electrons and Electricity ?

There are over a 1000 such animations that an educator can use to Enhance Instruction  Delivery in classrooms while teaching school subjects from Grade 1 to 10.

Benefits of our software technology in classrooms:
Provides information through medium students are already interested in : computers and television.
Provide state-of-the-art technology as an academic tool to enhance and extend learning in all areas of the core curriculum
Technology integration helps to improve student learning by enhancing and maximizing instructional benefits
Ensures that technology supports engaged learning for all students
The same lesson can be used repeatedly by the teacher or can be viewed by absent students at a later time
Provide technological services that make it easier for teachers to spend more time with their students, which in turn impacts student learning

How can our software technology be implemented:
In order to integrate technology to aid teachers in the delivery of the core curriculum, either of the  delivery models listed can be effective:
Each classroom could be equipped with one multimedia computer connected to a large screen monitor (e.g. Television) for instructional use by the teacher.
Teachers can be given access to multimedia computers connected to the network in all classrooms, school computer labs, and the library
Have a computer lab with LCD projector where the students go for a designated period each week


Knowledge Ware India is committed to providing the highest quality educational software because we believe that : A Sound Education is the Key to a Child's Successful Future. It is due to this that KWI is the preferred educational company for over 400 private schools and several government educational departments.

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